About CalRTA Santa Barbara Division 15

In February of 1942, in the early days of WWII, our division was born, becoming the 15th division of CalRTA.
We now have almost 600 members, most of whom are living in the beautiful coastal areas of Carpenteria, Santa Barbara, and Goleta.

We welcome all retired Educators.  Please join us.
Help us Protect Your CalSTRS Pension!


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Co-Presidents: Frank T. Stevens
& Pam Kinsley
Rec. Secretary: Carol L. LeGassick
Secretary: Katherine M. Raschka
Fin.Secretary: Patricia L. Cox
Treasurer: Jean M. Reiche

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Membership is not restricted to retired educators. If you are currently in education or just interested in our goals, you are welcome to attend a luncheon meeting, take part in a day trip, or become a member!

If you live near Santa Barbara ~ please contact us .